The Hair Halo

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Sirens Salon is all about the Hair Halos! We are working one head at a time to put the long luscious locks back in your life. With four different lengths and a color match for everyone these removable extensions are perfect for any and every occasion. With a fish wire rim, the hair blends perfectly into yours and creates an illusion of body and beauty.



Here is how it works:


1. You come in for a color and length matching appointment. Length price varies, starting at $315.

2. We will order your halo (approximate shipping time is up to a week).

3. You will come in for a fitting and blending appointment. This is a $150 cost which covers the fitting, cutting the halo to blend with your hair, and a second appointment for small fixes within the month.


Oh, and did we mention it looks even more amazing curled??


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Book your appointment today for a fitting and more information. We can’t wait to get your grove back! Stay dangerously beautiful, Sirens Salon

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