Hair At Every Age


We like to say that with age comes new. New looks, new styles, and most of all NEW hair! Make yours a graceful transformation through time, here is our list of styles for every decade:


20′s: Long with messy waves

30′s: Long tousled bob

40′s: Shorter mid-length with bangs

50′s: Sleek, blunt bob

*Make sure in your 40′s and 50′s you get shine gloss with your color, it is truly anti-aging!



Stay dangerously beautiful, Sirens Salon

Be The Best Bride

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Sirens Salon is kicking off this year’s bridal season with a bang! We are ready to make your day as special as can be, providing the best of services for you and your party. With a passion for hair and an eye for makeup our salon will make your dream look a reality. Call now for your complimentary consultation: (512) 419-7789


Stay dangerously beautiful, Sirens Salon