sirens salon owners story

I have always loved fashion and style. Every summer mom and dad would take us on vacation and I would come back to our small town with inspiration. I was always offering to do haircuts for my family and neighbors. I would sit them down in front of the big mirror at the end of our hallway. Anybody who was willing would get an Emma cut!

I just loved being creative and cutting hair. One day my cousin showed up with a gift for me – a pair of Wahl clippers. He was so excited from all the compliments from the ladies on his haircut! I will never forget that day and that fueled my future.

After finishing Beauty School in Austin, Erik and I moved to Los Angeles where I was able to intern at a salon in Beverly Hills. Years later, we returned to Austin and I honed my craft at various salons until I started Sirens Salon in September of 2001. Sirens started as a small studio and within 3 years I was able to grow it into a 9 chair salon in Rosedale. It has been a thriving business for over a decade. Hairdressing has never been work for me; it has always been my passion.

Everyday is a fun day. I get to visit with clients, hang out with my friends, listen to fun music, dress fabulous, and change my hair color on a whim. If you do what you love, reward will follow.

Proud moments: successful salon owner for over 12 years, worked with the Unite Team at New York Fashion Week