Martinis And Manicures


Join us tomorrow night as we help Austin Beauty Guide celebrate their second Martinis and Manicures party at Bambu! Doors open at 5:30 and we will be curling up hair for you and your gal pals until 8:30. Get all the info here. Can’t wait to see you all there!

Sirens Hot Hair Trends For Fall

It is about that time of year where we tuck away the tanks, trash the piles of unwanted papers, and dive into a new look. As stylist, our job is to help your outer beauty flow from season to season, and reflect the inner beauty you have created. If you are looking for a new do, these are our top picks from this years Glamour Magazine autumn and winter hair trends:



Banging Bangs


Ombre Lives On


The Relaxed Blowout


Don’t Let Me Get Old-School


Glossy Girls


Accessorize Me

How We Uses Unite

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It is no secret that we love Unite products. And as we stock our shelves for the winter months, we think it best to let you in on some of our Unite product uses that everyone might not know. Just a little gift from us to you!



1. Mom’s Best Friend

For all the moms out there juggling kids, backpacks, and snacks. The Unite leave in conditioner is great for keeping little girls, and little boys, hair detangled through the long and exhausting weeks. We can’t say you should avoid cleaning your kids all together, but we can say the process should always be prolonged when can!


2. Make Me Up

Unite’s Argon Oil is the perfect touch for getting a flawless made up look. Mix it in with your concealer and apply like normal! Create the even look you see in all the magazines, with just one bottle of Unite product.


3. Unite All Over

Perhaps our favorite of them all, is using the Unite Argon Oil as a body exfoliant and lotion. Help your skin stay smooth in the winter months, and pack the product for your snowy vacations. Use it on any area from hands to all over body. It is safe to say, Unite isn’t just for your hair!


Come get the perfect holiday gift for friends and family at Sirens Salon. Treat yourself while your here and get a new do too!

Sirens’ Dancing Stylist




Meet Sirens best kept highlighting secret, Karla! This girl is to highlights what Justin Timberlake is to boy bands. If her long luscious locks don’t say enough about her passion for hair, her talent surely will. Karla has been with Sirens for four years, and has been doing hair since 2005.



When she isn’t styling up her clients hair at the salon, she is off to the dance studio. Karla spent her childhood doing cheerleading and gymnastics, and began dance when she was four. Her dedication to the arts shines through while she styles and cuts.



If you are looking for a new do with out-of-this-world highlights, Karla is your girl! She lights up our days like she lights up hair. In the most wonderful way!