Mash Up With Daniel Esquivel


Sirens Salon is thrilled to announce we will be working with the fabulous Daniel Esquivel for this year’s Austin Fashion Week Mashup Team! Beginning his journey in fashion at just 8-years-old, Daniel took to sewing. By age 16 he was designing, and shortly after began working in local stores around town. His recent appearances on Project Runway has only launched him further into fashion stardom.



When sitting down with Daniel we were thrilled to hear his decision to work with us came easy.



“It was a given,” he said matter-of-factly. “I was approached by several groups but was very busy. When I got the call from Sirens I had to say yes!”



Daniel and Salon Owner, Emma, have known one another for years. With a family-like chemistry we are ecstatic to see where this team can go. Ideas flew like scraps of fabric in the air. We want to push boundaries. Take it over the top. And though the final product will not be unveiled until the show, we can assure you Daniel has been hit by inspiration.



“I have so many ideas down on paper and have been inspired by so many things around me,” the inflection in his voice raising to the thoughts. “Even going to an 80′s dance club this weekend, and remembering when I went there in the 80′s. I was hit with all the genres I have experienced in Austin, and in life.”



We can’t wait to see where Daniel’s musical inspiration takes him! Stay tuned for what’s to come from the Sirens/Daniel Mash Up Team! Stay dangerously beautiful, Sirens Salon