Health And Beauty Go Hand-In-Hand: Le Studio




At Sirens Salon we believe that beauty it something you find on the inside just as well as on the outside. This week we paired with a local gym we hold close to our hearts to give you an inside look on why they feel the same.


Sitting down with Abel Sanchez from Le Studio, it is clear he is full of passion for working out and being in shape. Abel’s inspiration is sparked by the transformation of his own past.


“When I was in high school I wasn’t healthy,” Abel said. “I wanted to make the change from band to cheerleading but I looked at myself and knew I couldn’t be a cheerleader like that.”


He  pushed himself to lose weight, started eating healthy, and saw results. With a new found confidence and outlook on his physique Abel was able to shed his shy personality. The respect he now has for treating himself right helped lead to his dream of helping others. After working with various cheerleading and dance teams across Texas and New York he chose to reside in Austin, where the dream of Le Studio became a reality.


Le Studio’s goal being to create a place of encouragement and good health, it is clear this is not your average gym. Going to a class for the first time means being met by an instant family. You are encouraged by the members, new and old, and feel the ability to be great from the start.


“I think the comradery between everyone is what makes this gym work,” Abel said.


With a 90-day challenge and life style coaching, Le Studio has made it possible for one of our own, Karla, to see herself as the same beautiful and powerful woman we do. We believe in the staff and their ability to show others a new outlook on beauty and life.



For a full list of classes and more information on Le Studio CLICK HERE