The Sirens Bun

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Let me preface this blog by saying that I am in no way well-versed in hair. I walk into the salon on daily being greeted with warm hellos and looks of horror. My hair is always naturally dry, and my face hardly swept with make up. While Sirens girls look fabulous at the drop of a hat, their marketing girl seemed to be lacking in the area of put-together-beauty.


So, when they showed this sock bun it was sure to go south quickly. Watching Raven tuck and pull, smooth and flatten, my mind went racing. A simple do always seemed so difficult. I flipped my head over and tightened the rubber band around the ponytail. Took my hand at teasing my expanding locks and slipped the sock over it all. As my hands began turning down the hair and ticking in the fly aways something happened. The bun appeared.


As if I was a hair stylist! Or at least not as incompetent as first thought… It is true, the girl who could never do her own hair finally could. Or at least this one do, which I would then wear for the next week straight.


The gist of this story is simply to say, with the right stylist miracles can happen.  And with fabulous girls like those at Sirens you can even learn to sculpt your own hair into something beautiful.


Stay dangerously beautiful,

Shelby Chapman

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