The Three Day Curl

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In today’s glam world we completely understand the problems that occur from being busy. Between work, a personal life, and wearing those 6 inch heels us glam girls hardly have time to keep our primping up to par! At Sirens we are all about making you look fabulous and having the look be attainable in your every-day life. And our recent visit from Unite Hair Care educator, David Fletcher, left us feeling empowered to do just that!

We took his advice and changed our outlook on a product we already so dearly loved. The result… three day curls!

Blow & Set is a product you will usually find us combing through wet hair to give your locks style memory and shine. Fletcher mesmerized us when taking the product and working it through dry hair. A simple blow to smooth over the product infused hair and a piece-by-piece curl with a flat iron will leave  you with waves for days. Literally!

The photos above show our Blow & Set Curls over the span of three days. From tight ringlets to a boho wave, you are sure to be able to manage this dangerously beautiful look!


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