Do Your Hair A Favor, Be Like Jennifer Lawrence


It is no secret that Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most sought after starts of 2013. So, when we saw her rocking this summer hair trend in both a casual and chic way we had to take note! It’s hard to go wrong with the simple classic braid, but not everyone has the patience to get it just right.


That’s where the girls of Sirens step in. With stylist geared to make your every hair desire look flawless, we are here to help! Not only will we do your hair to perfection, but we’ll make sure you can do it too. Wether you’re looking for the side fishtail we’ve all come to love, or this beautiful braided halo, we got you covered!

Summers Little Secret

Summer's Five to Survive

The summer heat is quickly approaching but so are the awesome hair products! We all know the power of sun and water damage, but our friends at Unite have your back. Their Summer’s Five To Survive products tone, condition, restore and texture your hair.

Throwing on that sweet, new bikini and running to the lake finally lost its hair care stress. You can find Unite products at every rinse station in our shop, and now you can find it in your daily routine as well!