A Letter From Karla


Our girl Karla had an amazing experience in the salon yesterday that we thought was share worthy. These are her words after working with a new client who reached out to us:


“The Internet is a powerful tool if used correctly. It gets your name out there and leads people(in my case) sitting in my chair. This client moves state to state with her husband every 10 months and never knows where she will end up next. She began looking up hashtags and different salons in Austin and found my work and loved what she saw! I know all my posts are probably annoying to some, but to me it’s advertising my art. Put it out into the universe, and it shall give back.”


Our work is our art, and even more so our livelihood. We are honored to let them be one in the same!



Stay dangerously beautiful, Sirens Salon



Makeing The Change


This past week we did the impossible… We cut our marketing directors hair!! A natural case of length loosing fear, our girl got into the chair and never looked back.

Taking off the dead ends allowed her hair to glow in all its glory! A common mistake we see in the salon is clients holding on to dead ends to preserve length. In reality, holding onto those ends only causes breakage and thinning.

By giving her one even length on the bottom and removing those broken bottoms she is able to grow her hair out in a healthy more natural way.

Don’t be afraid of change. And always remember, it’s hair, it will grow back!!

Sirens Girls At Harrods




Not only was our time in London full of AMAZING hair classes and hands on experience, but we had the chance to see one of the worlds most renowned salons, too! Greeted with a jaw dropping escalator ride to the top floor, we dawned the beauty that is Harrods with fab cappuccino in hand.



1. What was your first thought when walking into Harrods?
Such extreme luxury in one place! Everything was above and beyond what I had seen at other department stores.

2. What was your favorite thing to see?
The Hammam. It’s an old tradition that no one really practices any more, and a cultural thing that other countries are so much closer to than we are in America.

3. What is something that you would want to implement from Harrods at Sirens?
The fluidity and professionalism for their clientele. Everything was very thought through from the moment a client calls to when they leave the salon. You could see a large difference in having a more personal salon like ours versus a 100 person staff. Things there have to be very direct to keep the operation running.



1. What was your first thought when walking into Harrods?
Wow. The entire place was decked out in gold decor. It was crazy to walk into!

2. What was your favorite thing to see?
The view of London you could see when we walked up to the nail salon was so fabulous. I couldn’t stop staring out the wall of windows.

3. What is something that you would want to implement from Harrods at Sirens?
I liked that we were inline with them when it came to serving our customers in a high end manner. We allow our clients the options to have drinks and coffee much like they did to us at Harrods.

Best of the City


Austin Monthly is having their annual Best of the City survey! They are asking Austinites to tell them all of their favorite spots and the best services around town. Sirens Salon is hoping to make the list! We are asking you, our awesome customers, to help us by filling out a survey and marking Sirens as your favorite salon! You can find the survey here: http://www.austinmonthly.com/AM/June-2013/Austin-Monthlys-Best-of-the-City-Survey/


Thanks for all the support over the years loyal customers! It has been such an honor to have our doors open in Austin and we can’t wait for the year to come. Oh, and remember, stay dangerously beautiful.

Pin Ups and Pink Martinis

Come join us at our first even Pin Ups and Pink Martinis party on Thursday, June 27th! We will be giving pin up hairdos while you sip on our signature pink drink. Beauty experts will be on hand for your mix and mingling convenience and of course it wouldn’t be a party without the sweets! Sirens Salon hopes to see you all there. Stay dangerously beautiful, Sirens Salon

You Are Cordially Invited To Have A Sirens Salon Wedding

Screen shot 2013-05-29 at 2.41.20 PM


We are a salon that makes a living off of keeping Austin dangerously beautiful. With wedding season in full swing we would like to invite the lovely brides of the ATX to do the same on their big day! Not only do we make sure our brides look and feel beautiful on their special day, but we pride ourselves on making the bridesmaids and flower girls feel the same.


It is your day to shine, and you should only trust the best with the essentials such as hair and make up. Don’t be the bride with a last minute freak out from overly darkened make up or falling curls! Be the bride who walks with ease down the isle to her knight in shinning armor.

Summers Little Secret

Summer's Five to Survive

The summer heat is quickly approaching but so are the awesome hair products! We all know the power of sun and water damage, but our friends at Unite have your back. Their Summer’s Five To Survive products tone, condition, restore and texture your hair.

Throwing on that sweet, new bikini and running to the lake finally lost its hair care stress. You can find Unite products at every rinse station in our shop, and now you can find it in your daily routine as well!