Collaboration Nation


This past week we were asked to do hair and make up for an Austin Fusion Magazine photo shoot! It was a blast and the crew was amazing. The shoot was at Headdress clothing store on South Lamar and quickly became our new favorite shopping spot!

At Sirens we take photo shoots very seriously: Doing research and prep work as well as making sure our creations stay in place all shoot long! If you have a photo shoot coming up and are looking for a styling team check out Sirens!

Stay Dangerously beautiful, Sirens Salon


Sirens Salon’s Very Own Robin!



Meet our lovely stylist Robin! She took Fort Worth by storm in the beginning of her career and we are thankful she hasn’t looked back since moving to Austin in 2011. Robin shines at edgy cuts and retro pinup style. She even has her own edge when the days work ends.


A little secret, and something we think makes this girl even more rocking, she plays for a local roller derby team. Thats right! If you want someone who can back their style in every day life you are looking at the right lady.


If you are looking to change up your style, or try something daring, we suggest you take the chance with this amazing girl. She is sure to give you the perfect do, and those are words we at Sirens Salon stand by. We love our Robin, and thank the hair gods for her every day!