Sirens Salon Happy Hour Recap


Thanks to all you dolls, for making our last two HH so great! We love treating our fab clients and what better way than with champs and blowouts?? It was so lovely seeing so many glam gals exit our doors.

For those who couldn’t book with us this month, get ready for our next on Wednesday, September 9th.

 If you need a few more reasons to jump on the Blowout Bandwagon…



1. Having a professional blowout last longer.

2. Our stylist have the complete library of Unite products so you receive a product cocktail personalized for you.

3. You don’t have to lift a finger… so relax with a drink!

Summer Style


We are so very obsessed with this summers sweet styles, and we don’t plan on letting them go any time soon! Our girl Lauren Black is giving us her top three picks for hot weather hair:

1. Posh Pixie

This one will keep you cool no matter how high the temperature climbs! Be daring and darling with a cute pixie.


2. Luscious Length

Long locks can get heavy and frizzy in the summer humidity, add some sizzling golds and caramels in a soft ombre to keep it hot into the night!


3. Bodacious Bob

Bobs are flirtatious  and just what you need to keep the heat off your neck. Jaw length or longer this style can be messy or neat. perfect for keeping you looking chic by the pool.

The Magic And Myths Of Day(s) Old Hair


Much like Matthew McConaughey is known for ditching the deodorant, we are getting in on the grunge look too! Don’t worry dolls; we aren’t ditching the smell blockers, just cutting the daily hair washes. That’s right, your own stylists are saying it’s time to stop shampooing so often, and here’s why:


By washing your hair daily you strip the follicles of their natural oils. Even the most organic and natural of products can cause distress. By washing your hair every couple of days you give your head a break and keep your color looking fresh longer! Bonus, having day(s) old hair allows for better and longer lasting styling/updos.


And now, for the myths to squash RIGHT NOW:

1. Won’t my hair be greasy? We suggest investing in some fab hats for the first week or two of your no washing project. But after that your hair will stay looking fabulous throughout! And for those days that need just a little help, we suggest Unite 7 Seconds Refresher.

2. Won’t I get lice? Though you might not believe it, lice is more prone to clean hair so not washing isn’t going to make you a target!

3. Won’t my hair smell bad? From personal experience, we have yet to smell any of our girls’ hair : ) But, when it comes down to it, Unite always has our back! Their Hair Perfume is perfect for an inbetween wash fresh smell.


For more info on day(s) old hair ask your stylist at your next appointment!

Corrected by Sirens


Sometimes new clients end up at Sirens looking for a solution to their current color woes. This is when we bring in the big guns and get down to the service in which we specialize: color correction!


Much like any other service, our stylists take time to consult and assess the current situation. Keeping budget in mind, they will find the best way to have you walk out confident in your new do. Something to keep in mind when going in for a color correction is that you might not leave with the exact look you are thinking. Fixing a problem can be timely and costly; it’s a process that we want to get right!


Hair integrity is also something we always consider with color corrections. As much as we want to achieve your desired look, we also want to make sure to keep your hair as healthy as we can in the process. It is very important for clients to be honest and upfront about any and ALL hair history. Chemicals and past dye jobs will effect the outcome of your color correction.

In this exact instance our client had untouched roots, a band of past black hair dye and ombre she was unhappy with. Our stylist, Lauren, worked to give her a cohesive look as realistically close to the blonde photos she brought in while keeping her budget in mind. After several closely monitored steps this new Sirens client left feeling confident and beach babe blonde all over!


Next time you find yourself in a position of unwanted hair color, call Sirens for the best fix around: 512.419.7789

Know Your Stylist: Raven



As bright as her hair, our girl Raven has been beautifying ladies and gents at Sirens Salon for over 5 years! Specializing in color correction, Raven helps erase your hair faux pas and replace them with bold perfection.

When she isn’t creating fresh colors  Raven is working as our lead makeup artist for  mash-up teams, photo shoots and bridal parties. Nothing is too much for Raven from theatrical makeup like dia de los muertos to a soft blushing bride, Raven loves to make the eyes pop and the skin look flawless no matter the look.


Book your next appointment with Raven TODAY: (512) 419-7789

Meet Your Stylist: Lauren Black


Once known as our newbie , LB is now taking her place on the floor! After rocking it as Emma’s apprentice, we can’t wait to see what awesome things she has up her styling sleeve. Lauren will make you feel relaxed with her comforting ways during your consultation and take you to the next level by making your creative vision a reality.

Specializing in blow outs and waxing, Lauren is sure to bring you into 2015 sleek and stylish.


Book your FIRST appointment with Lauren now: (512) 419-7789